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How I met my Wife, the comic book

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I like stories. And I wouldn’t normally admit it, but, I also like a good love story.

Last weekend I married the smartest, most beautiful, fun, and talented woman I’ve ever met. She is perfect to me in every way. I like to think that how we met – and eventually got married – is actually a pretty good story.
Our good friend Jon Bell writes and illustrates stories, so just for fun, we asked him to draw ours. In a cartoon, Jon managed to capture exactly what meeting and falling in love with Dawn felt like, from the first few months of dating to asking her to marry me this spring. We liked it so much that we used the comics as the place settings for our guests. I also thought I’d share it here. So here it is, 4 pages of me falling irreparably in love.
Scroll all the way down for a video of the making of the comic.

Thanks again Jon.

5 comments on ‘How I met my Wife, the comic book’

  1. Pinar ├ľncel Karan says:

    :D you guys! :D this is sooo cute, I wanna cry! (I won’t) :DI’m very happy that you found each other and your talented friend Jon created this most touching real-life love story I’ve ever heard in my life.I wish you only the best ;)

  2. bethesdasprite says:

    Awesome comic,beautiful love story!I loved the,”she’s beaming” panel.Loved the video,too;perfect compliment to charming story.

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