About a year and a half ago, Albert Shum and I were discussing trends in design. One of the advantages of working as an inhouse designer is having a deep focus on a particular product for a long period of time. You get to know the product, and the problem space around that product, very well. That focus can also cause a certain amount of myopia, so its important to find ways to look outwards, seek other perpectives, and to generally exercise the brain on other but possibly related issues. And so, we thought it would be iteresting to talk with other designers outside of Microsoft to see what topics were currently engaging them. The idea for the project started out as being research for ourselves internally, but quickly turned towards making something that could be shared with the larger design community.
We imagined something similar to Gary Hustwit's design documentaries, and began to wonder why there isn't an Objectified for Interaction Design. The work that Interaction Designers are doing is so interesting, representing such a range of problems and perspectives, and most importantly, has such a broad impact on our daily lives, that it deserves being captured and discussed. So our goal became to capture how Interaction, UI, & User Experince Design is being practiced right now, the emerging problems, and trends in the field.
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